The goal of Black Flower Science Co. is to facilitate the building of relationships between scientists and laypersons while challenging social stigmas attached to cannabis use.

Scientific discussions don’t have to be all technical and formal all the time – let’s relax and talk about it!

some of my favorite topics

Get ready for your informal science education.

My office cannabis kit consists of an amethyst pipe, a wooden grinder, and a Saberlight plasma lighter.

It’s only right that we match! Get yourself a weed kit just like mine as we delve into some of my favorite current science topics. You can purchase your own gorgeous pipe, along with various accessories, CBD products, and even hemp flower, from the Black Flower Science Co. store!

With most of these science articles, I may throw in a recommendation for specific weed strains (indica strains, sativa strains, hybrids, or CBD products) that I feel are best for all the interesting science topics we’ll discuss!

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Macro-evolution is one of my favorite science topics. learning how things have changed and continue to do so is fascinating. this overview of vertebrate evolution is best enjoyed with sativa.

Wild animals are so much better than us humans. large-bodied mammalian carnivores, specifically. this article on ecology is best enjoyed with indica or a cannabis hybrid. you can even enjoy it in the bath with a CBD bath bomb (my favorite).

Human-wildlife conflict is a sad reality everywhere around the world. where humans have gone, animals have lost their homes and their lives. you’ll want to be centered and calm to read this briefing on human-wildlife conflict in North America, so go ahead and enjoy some indica or CBD tea with this science article.

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