chimpanzees exhibit greater behavioral diversity when living in more variable environments

Environmental pressures and conditions can deeply impact organisms’ evolutionary trajectory. Researchers are learning just how these impacts have driven chimp behavior and culture.

food waste found to be detrimental to ecosystems

North American ecosystems are being negatively impacted by a variety of anthropogenic pressures, one of which is our food.

mimicry in plants

Animals aren’t the only organisms capable of incredible evolutionary adaptations. Plants have developed multiple types of mimicry to protect themselves and reproduce.

new beginnings series: class mammalia

What classifies a mammal? Let’s take a deep dive into this final installment of the New Beginnings series and discover what primary traits distinguish mammals from all others in Kingdom Animalia.

microdosing cannabis: how to smoke while you study

Microdosing cannabis is a practice that can bring you the benefits of cannabis without the controversial psychoactive effects. If you’re looking to relax while you study, microdosing just might be the way to go. Here’s what you should know.

End of Month Hangout!

Join me for our very first End of Month Hangout! We’ll smoke together and chat about evolution!

Intro to Ecology Pt. 3: Animal Interactions Beyond Prey-Predator Dynamics

There are all sorts of relationships that wild animals experience. Some are negative, some are positive – some have hardly any effect at all! Here are some fundamental examples of the many ecological dynamics that bring animals together in the natural world.

Black Mammalogists Week Twitter Takeover

Black mammalogists are preparing for their turn in the series of Twitter takeover events for the nationwide Black Lives Matter movement. This time, the STEM-focused activism highlights Black excellence in the field of mammalogy.

Texas’ apex predators: Bobcats, coyotes, and ocelots, oh my!

The ocelot is quite a mysterious feline, especially within its old stomping grounds of the United States. Jason Lombardi and his team set out to uncover the mysteries of this elusive creature, and were surprised to learn stunning truths of its habitat space use in South Texas.

species highlights: unraveling the mysteries the platypus, an egg-laying mammal

The platypus is one of the world’s most beloved, yet least understood animals. Retribution from the church first held back scientific knowledge on the species. Now, scientists are getting to know this peculiar species, and answering the question, “What is a platypus?”

SciComm Video Games | Episode 4 | Horizon Zero Dawn

Ever wondered about the science behind your favorite video games? Well, wonder no more! In this installment of SciComm Video Games, we take our second-to-last look at Horizon Zero Dawn, going on a sort of virtual safari with Aloy as we take a close look at the Scorcher, Trampler, and Fireclaw!

Introduction to Biology Pt. 4: Genes and DNA

Beyond the human eye exists an entire world, one that forms the foundation of life as we know it. In this installment of our Introduction to Biology series, we’ll take a closer look through the microscope at genes and DNA.

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