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This boldly-flavored hemp flower is perfect for those who wish to enjoy their cannabis from a bong, pipe, hookah, or anything other than a pre-roll.

Suver Haze. 100% non-GMO, lab-tested Hemp Flower, CBD Rich

For greater control over your smoking experience, use only a small amount for a sativa-like energy-boosting effect. This will be much easier to do than with Hawaiin Haze, as Suver Haze comes from a more Sativa-dominant hybrid. (See recommendations for micro-dosing at the top of each article on the Science page for more.) Larger doses will result in the calming sensation we know and love this flower for. 

Flavor/scent: bold, hoppy, skunky yet fresh, spicy, sweet and fruity

  • Total terpenes: 1.7% 
  • Total cannabinoids: 21.51%
  • Total CBD: 17.54%

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