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– Note: Hey folks! You may have noticed that the release date has been delayed. Apart from extenuating life circumstances, the pushback is because as I write and edit the book, it’s becoming a much bigger project than previously anticipated. I want to give this book the time and attention it deserves, so it will be pushed to a later publishing date. Thank you for understanding! –

Social media influencers have a massive amount of authority in the distribution of public information. Perhaps too much. In the realm of nature lovers’ social media spaces on Instagram and Twitter, especially, misinformation spread by such influencers can contribute to the endangerment of wild animals for the sake of “likes” and popularity. Photos of Insta models posing with tigers or feeding wild deer promote human-wildlife interactions that ultimately result in the negligence of the ethics of humane wildlife treatment, increased propensity for followers to engage in the same behaviors themselves, and often times the injury (or death) of the human and/or animal. In this book, we’ll explore why such influencers are not actually engaging in conservation, and are, in fact, putting their own fame before the animals’ wellbeing.

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