End of Month Hangout!

End of Month Hangout!

When studying the life sciences, there are a lot of in-depth concepts to take in. Depending on the the type of science you are studying, biology vs. evolution, for example, you may even have to learn a handful of mathematical formulas to fully appreciate the material. Here, we are just having a light-hearted overview of the life sciences, so a light serving of sativa will do just fine.

In my experience, sativa helps me to not get lost in wordy texts (reading that is not broken up by graphics/tables or formulas) and keep my mind sharp and able to take in all relevant information. Grinding about 60mg (less than 1/4 of a 1g bud) of sativa and smoking just a small pinch of that for over a 3-5hr period is perfect for maintaining a healthy attention span for learning.

Black Flower Science Co. does not claim to be a medical professional and does not offer recommendations as a substitute for medical advice. All advice and recommendations are based on personal experience of the benefits of medical marijuana. If you are experiencing severe or declining mental health symptoms, please seek the advice of a medical professional.

Welcome to our very first End of Month Hangout! I’m super excited to have you all join me in answering Google’s TOP 3 questions on evolution!

The joint I’m smoking on in this hangout sesh is the hemp preroll, available in the Black Flower Science Co. store. This flower is T1, however, I only offer T1 as flower, while the prerolls are Hawaiin Haze.

These hangout sessions are intended to provide a casual, relaxing space where all cannabis lovers (or otherwise!) who are interested in science can just chill and chat about our favorite subjects. So, kick back, relax, and enjoy this chat about evolution!

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