trailblazer: California becomes the first state to ban fur-trapping

trailblazer: California becomes the first state to ban fur-trapping

On Wednesday, September 4, 2019, California maintained its reputation as a progressive, ethical environmental policy leader by becoming the very first state in the nation to ban fur-trapping, thanks to current governer, Gavin Newsome.

Species commonly targeted for their fur, which is used on the rim of padded coats and sich (apparently) luxury clothing include coyotes, bobcats, badgers and more. These species, under California law, are classified as “fur-bearers,” many of them lacking the regulatory protections offered to typical game species such as deer.

This weaker legislation allows for take at any time of the year, as in the case of coyotes, with no bag or possession limits. Often times the only restrictions are a prohibited use of poisons and off-limit night hunting in specific areas.

Capture of fur-bearing mammals is highly indiscriminate, with the use of foothold traps and snares being common methods, endangering species that may share the same habitat of target species.

Today we celebrate California’s decision to include fur-bearers as equally important as traditional game, and this trailblazing step forward in environmental ethics!

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